The Subaru Forester with diesel engine will be launched for the European market, where the price of fuel causes many drivers opt for a vehicle of this type before the gasoline powered. The Japanese automaker already equipped in the 2012 model diesel engine and will continue in the version of 2013.

The diesel version of the Subaru Forester that equipped to date was 147 hp and knows if the new version will have some more powerful alternative, as in the petrol version. Thinking of some SUV that can fit into the same category as major competitors is expected to offer a higher performance engine, for those looking for a little more power, something useful for driving also more demanding terrain. In any case, this version of the Forester diesel engine allows a very economical driving, offering a consumption of just 6.3 liters per hundred kilometers, which is lower than many SUV market. It offers a top speed of 186 km/h and a the best performance between 1800 and 2400.


Diesel engine of Subaru Forester


The price also quite interesting, for the European market is estimated that it will have a price will be between 29 800 and € 35 200 for the more equipped model. It is therefore reasonable cost from the model that came to light in 2008 Subaru Forester has experienced remarkable improvements in each redesign that has suffered. Especially his appearance is one of the most important changes that has given a much more sporty and stylish.

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